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Wingtip Oxfords in Navy Blue Box Calf  leather built on our Round Toe 'Z1' Last


  • Goodyear Welted
  • Box Calf Leather Upper
  • Full Leather lining
  • Stacked leather heel with part rubber top lift*
  • Can be re-crafted
  • Comfortable insole
  • Shoes will have light burnishing at seams, toe and heel
  • Closed Channel Stitch Full Leather Sole with Beveled Waist and Toe Tap

By Default this shoe pair comes with a Type F Sole (Closed Channel Leather Sole with a Beveled Waist and a Toe Tap). If you wish to change the sole type then you may do so from the drop down and choose Type A (Leather sole). Choosing Type A sole will also decrease the price.

Built on 'Z1' Last which is our Round Toe Last for traditional English look.

This pair features a 1 inch heel. If you prefer a higher heel then order this shoe on our B1 last as it come with a 1.34 inch heel.

Actual colour may vary slightly from the images in case of hand-painted shoes. Monitor rendition may also show the colours slightly differently.

Order a dress shoe size you normally take as our Shoes are True to size

These shoes are from our Xpress MTO Collection.

Delivery times:

Xpress MTO - (Partly ready collection for quick shipping): 2 weeks (can extend up to 4 weeks in rare circumstances)

Standard-Std  MTO (Fully Made to Order): 4-5 weeks

*Shoes with Dainite, commando, natural crepe, rubber and rubber wedge sole do not come with stacked leather heel as their heels are made of same material as the rest of the sole.


Our shoes are photographed in a studio environment with professional lighting set-up. This may cause them to appear different when placed in different settings. Manwalk cannot guarantee the actual product will appear the same when received by you. The range and intensity of colour will be affected by the type and amount of light falling on the product. Your screen rendition may also affect the perceived colour of the product. In addition to the above factors there is chance of slight colour variation in case of hand-painted patina shoes due to the nature of the process.

(Model Code: 5650-1e)