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About us

Our story

The idea of offering reasonably priced quality dress shoes was born when one of the founders, a shoe aficionado, while looking into buying quality dress shoes for himself, realised that all quality dress shoes for men cost an arm and a leg. Further delving revealed that it was not due to the high production costs, but because of the middlemen and big profit margins. So, the Shergill brothers, divided by continents (One lives in the US and the other in Australia) but united by love for quality shoes, with assistance of a supportive friend Dee Khaira, set out to change this, and tirelessly worked on developing a shoe that is affordable without compromising on quality. More than two years of hard work paid off and we were successful in creating seven designs based on five different lasts. All our designs are modern versions of the timeless classic designs that have been there for decades, if not centuries. Fast fashion is not our thing and never will be; as we believe in quality products that are timeless and capable of being enjoyed for years and years to come. This led us to use the best materials such as full grain leather, and one of the best method of shoe construction namely Hand stitch. Our commitment to the environment led us to offer the shoes in semi-veg tanned leather only, as this is more environment friendly than chrome tanned leathers.

We endeavour to provide quality men’s dress shoes that are not only good looking, but also affordable, durable and extremely comfortable once broken in. We, by doing away with the middlemen, are able to offer our shoes direct to the consumer at half the price of what similar quality shoes retail for.