About us

Manwalk is MTO men's dress shoe brand founded by a duo of shoe aficionados in the US State of Washington in 2017. Shergill brothers, the founders, divided by continents (One lives in the US and the other in Australia) but united by love for quality shoes, set out to create a quality shoe that is affordable without compromising on quality. Years of hard work paid off and the brothers were successful in creating shoes that look like a piece of art. They refused to be swayed by the siren call of fast fashion, choosing instead to embrace the wisdom of quality, the kind that endures through the ages. With their commitment to the environment, they chose to use semi-veg tanned leather, a more eco-friendly option than chrome tanned leather.

Since then, we’ve been crafting some of the finest shoes known to man. From the US to Australia, and now India, we’re proud to be sharing our passion with the world.